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Judging Update 2010

August 9th 10th 11th

Anglesey judging Gundog International as seen on S4C Wed 11th August Sloe Mon Digwyddiada (37:50)

April & May

Judging in France

During Trailing Season

I will be judging for the following:
Labrador Retriever Club of Wales
Golden Retriever Club for Wales
Camarthen Gundog Society
Putting time back into the sport!

Cocker Spaniel doing great

My Cocker Spaniel now 21 weeks & a real character is coming on exceptionally well.

A Poem written about me.

The Expert Trainer

Like black and shiny statues
Waiting for their nest command
From the Boss who grooms them
To win prizes through the land

All of them obedient
All of them well trained
But fun for all at play time
When free and unrestrained

Then friendly greeting from them all
With playful nudges, eyes so bright
Still watchful of their chief’s instruction
Never straying out of sight

The little puppy one is fun
Likes to jump and say hello
When his training time is done
He likes to socialise and play

The other owners are in awe
Of Boss who gets their dogs to sit
And stay and walk and take commands
They understand that he is training them today

How sleek and gorgeous in the sun
That’s just the owner full of fun
Who encourages dogs to wag their tails
The barber Woodhouse of S. Wales

By Maggie McPherson